An unlikely discovery became a great summer love. Everything is good at Parque dos Leitões. Starting with the interior, very well decorated, fresh and impeccably presented tables. The outside patio is great. Well lit, tables far enough apart, competent, friendly and non-intrusive staff. The food is excellent. Starting with the animal that gives the house its name. Just because I really like suckling pig, I risked eating suckling pig in Évora. Fortunately. The best I’ve ever eaten. Roasted in their own ovens, crispy skin, homemade sliced ​​potatoes and the indispensable sauce. Before, there are several snacks that are only on the table if the customer wishes. In our case, on the first night we really wanted two of them. I say the first night because the next day we came back. The proximity to the hotel (ten minutes on foot) helped. We ordered other fantastic starters and opted for some Migas de Bacalhau in Tarro. Incredibly velvety, tasty and enough for two people. We close, before breakfast, with a shared Fidalgo, since calories are a good thing to share. In Alentejo you eat very well. And we ate very well in other Alentejo destinations throughout these days. But this one was special. I highly recommend this Leitões Park. They’ll love it. Fair prices. We’ll have to go back. There is still so much to prove.